Self Titled EP

by Wolfs

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Recorded at B-town Studio
Recorded by Collin Young
Mixed and Master by Collin Young


released January 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Wolfs Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Petty Talk With Petty Thieves
go on and fight pigs fight
your only as strong as what hold you up

go on and fight
fight pigs fight
Track Name: Wolves in Men's Clothing
i was born a bastard
to a pack of ravenous wolves
i was told what its like to fight with the best
and i was told what its like to be cold

we were savages
blood thirsty
battered and sick
we should be cruficifed
but still we did what we did

i was tied to a chair where my eyes were pried wide open
and there i was forced to witness the likes, of those worse then ours
showing me that the faith i once had was a ghost ship charted for hell

and there i stand
with a look that said that i
been lost
lost for years

bury my bones
bury my heart
bury my soul with the rest of the damned
sing to the dead
show them your fears
sing them your sorrows
open they're ears
for the next 100 years
Track Name: Anchor Mentality
we need to revolt, revolt
discover a means to an end
you cant seriously tell me that your comfortable
waiting for them to attend
while the puppets dance in they're tailored suits, the consumers ...

are feeding
feasting on bones and flesh
filling they're mouths
drinking our blood
wiping away with a grin

hold fast my brothers
hold fast my kind
revolt my sisters this is our time

push back the lines
destroy where they breed
behead the queen
and the rest will flee

decisions are made
plans will be hatched

raise your fist
raise your voice
Track Name: Pigs
We've fallen
from the tops of our strong rooted tree
where we watched
watched as the world brought itself to its knee
we've been bled dry
hung on the streets to be sold
to the wolves, roaming the land for they're fortunes of gold

I've resorted to fire and arms after witnessing the wrath of this world
after bodies where burnt not a single stone was left un-turned
fuck you

you are not who your made out to be
we are only men with our scars to bare
we will all tear you apart
Track Name: Blood Mouth

this is a cry, not a call to arms
to force and end, to stop all this war
the world is falling apart at the seams, it seems

pray for your self
pray for the ones that you`v trampled under your foot

and all you do is take take take
and if you don`t give back
if you don`t give back

we`ll all be lying face down
Track Name: Drown & Out
line us row by row
and look me square in the eyes
who could you ever befriend

i've made my voice quite clear
i've made it hard to the point
if your seen again
you'll be nor voice nor a word

squad up and stand by

what don't you understand we can't be moved
we are not the type

stand down
this is ours to own
Track Name: Full Circle
we are known not as men but as sheep
quick to flee we dilute

hoping, wishing, praying someone will
tell me, its not, my fault
it wont ever happen

i the used
we the used


we are nothing
but a vessel
we are destine
to fail

defile and dilute
full circle